Best books to prepare for CBSE exams

Best books to prepare for CBSE exams : As exams are just around the corner and students need proper preparation material to study for their board exams, it is very important to know which books to prefer for study.

Best Books for CBSE Exams

Most of the students keep on asking about the books they should follow to get success in the exam. Selecting the right book becomes a tough job for the candidates. For CBSE board, students generally refer to the textbooks published by NCERT as they are prescribed by the board which has all essential topics and is considered sufficient and along with these NCERT textbooks, aspirants should also refer to these below-mentioned books.
Other than NCERT textbooks, students can also refer NCERT guides for respective subjects, NCERT sample papers, and NCERT solutions.

Best Reference Books for CBSE exams


NCERT textbooks for English is enough for the literature section Apart from this books there are many books available in the market for both English literature and grammar. Books like ‘Interaction in English literature Reader’ and ‘Interact in English Workbook’ which can be referred to for additional knowledge.


As Mathematics is the scoring subject, to score the good marks, the students can refer R D Sharma books. It covers a lot of important solved problems and other tough problems and theorem such as Pythagorean Theorem are explained very clearly to make easier and improve the student’s confidence in solving more problems.


As Biology is a very interesting subject which is with diagrams, labeling the parts, anatomy of living organisms and lot more. Each and every point is important in this subject. NCERT books are abundant as these books have very clearly explained diagrams and concepts along with accurate and correct information. For further competitive medical exams, students can refer Tata McGraw hill education sample papers, mock test papers which are available for all science subjects- physics, chemistry, and biology.


O.P. Tandon and Pradeep’s textbook of Chemistry will be really helpful as they are good reference books for exams. As this subject contains a lot of questions along with reactions, chemical symbols, atomic number, electronic configuration, etc. This book gives a proper idea on how to present the answer in a correct manner along with definition, balanced equation and other diagrammatic representation to fetch full marks.

Here is a list of few books for CBSE exam where students can refer and prepare for their exam.

➢ Intermediate English Grammar by Murphy.
➢ CBSE chapterwise Solutions – Mathematics by Hemant Malhotra.
➢ Trueman’s Elementary Biology, Volume I & II by Bhatia K N.
➢ Modern’s ABC of Chemistry (Part 1 & 2) by S. P. Jauhar.
➢ Concepts of Physics (Volume-1 and Volume-2) by H C Verma.
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