How to crack IPS examination in First Attempt?

The gateway to your dream of becoming an IPS officer goes through clearing of UPSC (Union Public
service Commission) examination. The preparation for Indian’s top rated and most prestigious exam
required motivation, dedication, hard-work and some luck indeed. Cracking the exam in first attempt is
quite arduous and tough. You need to follow smarter modus operandi and a channelized approach to
leverage your goal. Here I bring some finest and professional tips which will help you achieve your goal
in a single attempt.

Tip1: Follow NCERT text books

The UPSC exam follows totally NCERT text books. The questions though aren’t asked directly but an
application of the concept. NCETR books are the first and the only line of defense followed by General
Knowledge books. There are many online NCERT Solution PDF and e-books available over internet. You
can download them for free. The main advantage of these e-books is that you can carry them in your
mobile and can study while commuting as well.

Tip2: Believe in yourself

Faith and determination are the ultimate keys which will land you in your dream location. Believe in
yourself. Considering yourself weak and a faint hearted person is a wrong approach to study. The exam
is open for every Indian national. The syllabus is strictly confined to NCERT text books so that each and
every Indian can apply for the exam. It’s the way you look at yourself. Channelize your energy, learn
your strengths and work on your weaknesses; you will definitely succeed one day.

Tip3: Good Study Mates

A company of good study mates plays a key role in motivating and good level of preparation. If your
friends or roommates are such that they keep on distracting you or they are not at all serious about the
examination than its high time to either change your group or room.

Tip4: Standard Books

3 months are appropriate to study NCERT books by heart. But to grasp a better grip of the subject you
need to follow certain standard books recommended especially for UPSC examination. You can get
those books easily on the internet or in the market. Best way is to become a member of your city library
so as to get an access to wide variety of books.

Tip5: time prioritization

SMART Work is the call of the time. Hard work and smart work together will help you in cracking the
UPSC examination and Interview as well. During the first few months of preparation work on weaker
areas, then move ahead for only revision. There is a lot of study material present over internet such as
eBooks, videos, e-tutorials etc. Aim to clear you concepts and totally avoid mugging up except the
formulas. Prepare a time table and follow it die heartedly.

Tip6: Newspaper Reading

Inculcate a habit of reading the newspaper early and retaining the facts and figures. It will help you in
your current affairs section preparation. A little attention to the names, events and places can help you
get better rank in the result list. Always read the editorial section. Kit will help you better understand
the concept and the opinion related to that.

Tip 7: Speed and Accuracy

After finishing up with the study material, it’s now time to test your grasping skills. You can join online
test series or mock test which will help you better understand your subject grasp, your weaker areas and
time management. The first stage of the UPSC exams is prelims, you need to work on your speed as well
as accuracy. One wrong answer can take back your rank in thousands. Work on elimination rule. If you
have no idea of the question, leave it. If you have some ideas then try to eliminate the ideas by
intelligent guess work. But while making any option selection ensures that you are making an intelligent
decagon and not a random guess work.

Tip 8: Revision, Revision and Revision

The more you revise, the better are your chances of cracking. In the last couple of months, do not take
up any new topic or start a new chapter. This is the time for revision and giving sample tests. Just revise
everything which you know and don’t waste time on the things which you don’t.

Tip 9: Prepare for main side by side

If you are really serious about the becoming an IPS officer then make sure that alongside prelims
preparation, you are also preparing for mains exams. Studying for mains exam is not a one or two day
work. It requires continuous effort. Side by side practice interview questions and work on your
interpersonal skills as well as communication skills.
Take adequate sleep and utilize the modern digital technology for your preparation as well. Keep calm
on your exam and take blessings from all elders and god. All the best!!

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