Dhanteras 2017 Puja Vidhi, Mantra, Vrat katha For Unmarried Womans

Happy Dhanteras Hindi Puja Vidhi Sanskrit Mantra Katha Kahani Vrat Vidhi Procedure Steps & Best Shubh Timing Muhurat for Dhanteras Puja 2017.

Happy Dhanteras Vrat Vidhi Puja Mantra In Hindi Sanskrit

Dhanteras is the festival that is celebrated every year in a wonderful way. Dhanteras is the first day festival of Deepawali. As we know about the Hindu most wonderful and crucial festival Deepawali. Deepwali is also known as Diwali. Diwali is the five day festival and celebrated in all over the India. Dhanteras is the first day festival celebrates on the triodasi of the Krishna Paksha. If you are a girl and find the Dhanteras Puja Vidhi, Mantra, Vrat katha. Then you are in right site.  Dhanteras is also known as Dhanvantari Triodasi. According the hindu panchang Deepawali is celebrated every year between the October and November. On this year Dhanteras comes on the 9th November. The Dhanteras meaning is Wealth. In the occasion of Dhanteras we worship Maa Lakshami. On this day peoples worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha together. In the occasion of Dhanteras people purchase new things.

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Dhanteras Vrat Katha In Hindi
Dhanteras Vrat Katha In Hindi

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi Step Wise Step

Ganesh Panchopchar puja 

  1. First do puja of Ganesh ji.
  2. Show earthen lamp to him.
  3. Swell dhoop to him.
  4. Swell scent to Lord Ganesha.
  5. Swell flowers in his lotus feet.
  6. Offer sweets to Lord Ganesh.

Lakshmi Panchopchar Puja :

  1. Do panchopch.
  2. Show earthen lamp to Goddesh Lakshmi.
  3. Swell dhoop to him.
  4. Offer scent to Goddess Lakshmi.
  5. Swell flowers in his lotus feet.
  6. Offer sweets to Maaa Lakshmi

Dhanteras 2017 Shubh Muhurat Timing for Puja

On this year the shubh muhurat for the Lakshmi puja and Ganesh puja on the day of Dhanteras is from 5:55 PM to 8:26 PM. So worship Maa Lakshami and Lord Ganesh on this Dhanteras after the 19:34 PM or before the 21:32 PM. Hope you all enjoy this Dhanteras with your family and friends.

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Dhanteras Puja Muhurta = 19:34 to 20:26
Duration = 0 Hours 51 Mins
Pradosh Kaal = 17:55 to 20:26
Vrishabha Kaal = 19:34 to 21:32

Shubh Dhanteras 2017 Puja Samagri, Kit, Accessories List For Women’s / Mens

Are you searching Dhanteras relates stuff and want to all Puja Samagri for Dhanteras. Then you are in a right site. Dhanteras is the first day festival of Deepawali. In this year we will celebrate Dhanteras on 9 November. Worship Maa Lakshmi and goddess Ganesha on this great occasion. Use these all Dhanteras Puja Samagri and Dhanteras Puja Kit For Womens to worship the God. As you know Dhanteras is the first day of the five-day Diwali Festival as celebrated in India. Dhanteras is the festival that is also known as Dhanatrayodashi. Hope you all know the meaning of Dhanteras,Dhan means wealth and Teras means 13th Day. So it is called Dhanteras,in this day we worhip Maa Lakshmi and Ganesha and bring the statue of Ganesha and Lakshmi at our Home. Use these all Dhanteras Puja Samagri For Mans and worship the god.

Dhanteras Puja Samagri For Women

  1. Paan ka Patta
  2. Mango Leaves
  3. Panchamrit
  4. Fruits
  5. Sweets
  6. Nariyal
  7. Flowers
  8. Majeeth
  9. Laxmi Ganesh Ji Poster
  10. Phool Mala
  11. Hari Udad
  12. Aasan
  13. Paata
  14. Plates
  15. Murti of Laxmi & Ganesha
  16. Kalash
  17. Dhurwa
  18. Dhoti Gamcha
  19. Tulsi Leaves

Dhanteras Puja Accessories List 

  1. Gulal
  2. Wheat
  3. Honey
  4. Janeu
  5. Khada Dhaniya
  6. Peeli Sarson
  7. Kesar
  8. Panchmeva
  9. Elaichi
  10. Dona
  11. Moli
  12. Itra
  13. Abheer Supari
  14. Laung
  15. Roli
  16. Rice
  17. Oil
  18. Gud
  19. Chandan
  20. Ganga Jal
  21. Mishri
  22. Sindoor
  23. Kamal Gatta
  24. Haldi Powder
  25. Haldi Gath
  26. Majeet
  27. Dhoop
  28. Kapoor
  29. Ghee
  30. Agarbatti
  31. Red Cloth
  32. White Cloth
  33. Batti
  34. Batti
  35. Match Stick
  36. Deepak
  37. Shringaar Samagri
  38. Dhan Ki Kheel

Happy Dhanteras Puja Mantra Katha In Hindi | Dhanteras Kahani PDF

Dhanteras Puja Mantra in Hindi Sanskrit
Dhanteras Puja Mantra in Hindi Sanskrit

Thanks to all my friends. I wish you all a very Happy Dhanteras and a very Happy Deepawali. May Maa Laksami bless you all and fulfill your all wishes on this Dhanteras. Hope you like these all Dhanteras Puja Vidhi In Hindi and Dhanteras 2017 Vrat katha For Unmarried Womans. If you really like then share this Dhanteras Puja Vidhi, Hindi Mantra, Vrat katha For Unmarried Womans with your friends and tell them about the Dhanteras Puja Vidhi.  Thanks a very Happy Diwali.

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