हिन्दी Karva Chauth Fast Rules Vrat Vidhi for Unmarried Girls In Hindi for Womens

Happy Karva Chauth Fast Vidhi for Unmarried Girls & Karvachauth Vrat Rules Proceudure Steps for Women 0r Newly Married Girls Couples Girls Boys Husband Wife In Hindi Punjabi English PDF.

Happy Karva Chauth Hindi Fasting Rules for Unmarried Girls | Karva Chauth Vrat Procedure In Punjabi

Karva Chauth 2017 is the festival that is going to celebrate on 8th October 2017, there are tons of people those are here and searching for the various vidhis and rituals to perform in the Karva Chauth 2017. They are at the right place because for the visitors and people here  we have arranged  the best ever information for them so that they can easily celebrate the  Karva Chauth 2017 with bash or serve their Husband a great day of Karva Chauth. Well they need to read the full post for the updates.  Karva Chauth is the Hindu festival that is always celebrated in a year, this is the festival that is celebrated by the married women for their Husbands for the long life and great healthy life. In this day you will see women take fast and worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva, this is the occasion that take place in the Month of Karthik and in the Krishna Paksha.

Karva Chauth 2017 Fast Vidhi Rules for Women Females In Punjabi | Shubh Karva Chauth Vrat Procedure Step By Step

Well the people those are here we have the Karva Chauth 2017 Vrat Vidhi, Puja Procedure for Women Girls so take a look below.

  1. Best timing for the Karva Chauth Puja is after the Sunset that is Sandhya Tim.
  2. In the Puja the devotees worship the Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva.
  3. After the Puja the women then worship the God Moon.
  4. The God Moon worship take place in the open sky and then she offers the Prasad to the God Moon and then her Husband it is how the to break the fast.

This is the small information from us for the Karva Chauth 2017 Vrat Vidhi, Puja Procedure for Women Girls, you can follow these and also if you has any query or ideas so tell us by comment on us.

Karva Chauth 2017 Puja Thali Decoration Ideas in Punjabi Hindi | Happy Karva chauth Plate Sajawat Ideas

We all know that the Karva Chauth is the forthcoming festival that is coming soon to us and this is the reason we are here now. Karva Chauth is the festival and occasion in which the married women take fasts for their husband for the good and long life for them. In this festival devotees used to worship the Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva, the fast is done for the Lord Ganesha. This is the festival that is celebrated for the by the Hindus in all over India and Nepal.

Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi for Girls
Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi for Girls

We have some of the easy steps to you so that you can easily decorate the Puja Thali so read the instructions below.

  • Need to take a Thali that is of steel, if made up of Coppper that it is better.
  • You need to add some items in this that is roli and rice, a diya
  • Need to cover the Thali with a cloth like red and white is the best.

For the decoration so can choose from these ideas

  • You can crafted the tahli by the some colored papers at the corners of the Thali
  • Before placing the items you can rap the thali by some kind of velvet cloth like white or red colour.
  • The Water kalsh you can rap with the red velvet cloth that looks nice.

How to Decorate Karva Chauth Puja Thali –  Vidhi, Steps, Procedure, Images, Photos

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