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Candidates who are going to attend the various exam for the selection in the air force. Please check the latest exam pattern in the article. The official website of Air force is

AFCAT Syllabus 2016

We are here to tell you that syllabus for the air force. The candidates who are going to write the exam for the various post that the air force arranges every year. The purpose of this article is to make you aware about the latest pattern of the air force written exam , so that you will be able to know more about the written test. The more information you will have , the more your chances of selection will be increased. The students must keenly know about the syllabus. We have written the whole syllabus details in such a way that the students may be able to know easily about it.

We have given a link in which the student can download the PDF version of the Syllabus of the Indian air Force. You can download the PDF version of syllabus through the link by a single click. We will provide you for the sake of candidate’s convenience. The syllabus of any written test is very important. It covers all the topics that are used to help to  for the preparation. The candidates must be having the copy of  an official copy of the syllabus of the exam that is proposed by the examination authority. This will help you know more about the topics you need to covered in the examination. The questions that will be asked to you in the written test, you will be able to know more about it. Now don’t waste time & get a look n the exam pattern of the India  Air Force 3016 exam pattern.

Air Force Written test Syllabus

Indian Air force is the air wing of the India Armed force. It is the fourth powerful air force in the world. It was formed on October 8, 1932. It’s main objective is to secure the air bases in the country while the war & conflicts between opponents. Indian Air force always needs some of the best officers in the wing so as to get them selves prepare for the wars. To get selected in the air force, you need to have some thing special in yourself. the students who are working in the air force need to get out form the intense taring to become an Air force officer. The officer need to be multi-talented person , if he or she has to survive in the Air force.

Latest Pattern for Air force Written Exam

The first phase where the candidates need to compete is the written test. the written test is the first phase of the selection. If you have any doubts regarding the topics you can tell us. We are here going to discuss all the details of the syllabus for air force Written exam.

Syllabus for the Written test :- The various topics covered in the exam are :-

  1. PHYSICS: – Physical world and measurement,Kinematics, Laws of motion, Work, energy and power, Motion of system of particles &rigid body, Gravitation, Mechanics of solids and fluids ,Heat and thermodynamics, Oscillation,  Waves, Electrostatic, Current electricity, Magnetic effect of current and magnetism, Electromagnetic induction and alternating current, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics,Dual nature of matter and radiation, Atomic nucleus, Solids and semiconductors devices.
  2. CHEMISTRY :- States of matter, Atomic structure, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, First law of thermodynamics and chemical energetic, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Equilibrium-I – Equilibrium process and phase equilibrium, Equilibrium-II – Ionic Equilibrium in solutions, Redox reactions, Principles and processes of extraction of elements, Hydrogen,  s-Block Elements, Some p-Block Elements, Organic Chemistry – some basic principles, Hydrocarbons, Purification and characterization of carbon compounds, Organic compounds with functional group containing halogens, halo-alkanes and Haloarenes, Environmental Chemistry, Atomic structure and chemical boundary, The solid state, Solutions, Thermodynamics, Electro-chemistry, Chemical kinetics, Surface Chemistry,P-Block Elements, d-and f-Block Elements, Coordination compounds and organo-metallies, Nuclear Chemistry, stereo Chemistry, Organic compounds with functional groups containing Oxygen-I, Organic compounds with functional groups containing Oxygen-II, Organic compounds with functional groups containing Nitrogen,Polymers,  Bi-molecular, Chemistry in everyday life
  3. BIOLOGY : – Living world, Diversity of life, Cell and Cell division, Genetics, Morphology of plants and animals, Physiology of plants, Physiology of animals, Reproduction, Development and Growth,  Ecology and Environment, Biology in Human Welfare.
  4. MATHEMATICS :- Sets relations and functions, Trigonometric functions, Mathematical induction, Cartesian system , of rectangular coordinates, Straight line, Family of lines, Circles and family of circles,Conic sections, Complex numbers, Quadratic equations and linear inequations, Sequences and series, Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorems, Exponential and logarithm series, Solutions of triangle, Inverse trigonometric functions, Matrices and determinants, Function, limit and continuity, Differentiation, Applications of derivatives
    Indefinite integrals,  Definite integrals,  Differential equation,  Probability,  Logarithm, Statistics, Mathematical logic
    Boolean Algebra
  5. ENGLISH  :- Passage followed by questions, Judge comprehension, Drawing of inferences, Use of vocabulary, Composition, Agreement of subject with verb, Patterns of verb and their use, Sequence of tenses, Transformation of sentences-Compound, Complex,Simple, Negative, Affirmative, Spellings, Word formation
    Antonyms and synonyms, One word substitution, Correct usage of articles, Correct usage of prepositions, Correct usage of adjectives-degrees of comparison, Correct of conjunctions, Correct usage of Nouns and Pronouns, Singular-Plural, Word order, Correct usage of Adverbs, Idioms and Phrases, Use of simple idioms
    ,Use of Common proverbs, Direct/ Indirect sentences;,Narration change, Change of various types of sentences from direct to indirect, Form and vice-e-versa, Active and Passive Voices, Active to passive form and vice-e-versa.
  6. REASONING  : – Numerical Series, Distance and Direction Sense Test, Mathematical Operations ,Number Ranking & Time Sequence Test, Assign Artificial Values to Mathematical Digit, Inserting Correct Mathematical Sign, Human Relation, Coding and Decoding, Odd Man Out,  Mutual Relation Problem, Tallest Youngest Relation, Dictionary Words, Analogy, Non Verbal Reasoning, Number Coding.

Exam pattern : The exam pattern is discussed below.

  • The exam will be of  MCQ Nature.
  • The total marks will be 300 Marks
  • Every question will be of 3 marks.
  • There will be three section in the paper.
  • G.S
  • Maths
  • Reasoning.
  • English.

Name of the organisation : Indian Air force

Official website :

Category : Notification

Useful PDF Books for the Air Force Exam

We are recommending you some books that will be helpful for the preparation of written exam of Air Force


  1. Indian Air Force Airman Group X Recruitment Exam Paperback (Hindi)
  2. Indian Air Force Airman Group X Recruitment Exam (Technical Trade)
  3. Indian Air Force: Airmen (Group ‘X’ Technical Trades) Recruitment Exam
  4. Indian Air Force: Airmen Group ‘Y’ Trades Exam Guide Paperback
  5. Indian Air Force: Group ‘X’ Technical Trades (10+2) Paperback (English)
  6. Air Force Recruitment Test [Group ‘X'(Technical) Trade] Paperback (English) 1st Edition
  7. Air Force Recruitment Test [Group ‘X'(Technical) Trade] Paperback (English) 1st Edition
  8. Indian Air Force Airman Group Y Recruitment Exam (Hindi)
  9. Indian Air Force Airman Group Y Recruitment Exam (Hindi)
  10. Indian Air Force Airman [Group ‘X’ (Technical) Trades] Paperback (English) 1st edition
  11. Indian Air Force Airman [Group ‘X’ (Technical) Trades] Paperback (English) 1st edition
  12. Indian Air Force: Airmen Selection Test (Group ‘X’) Technical Trades Exam Guide
  13. Indian Air Force Airman Group ‘X’ Technical Trades 25 Practice Test Papers

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