Independence Day Memorable Patriotic Songs, Poems Speech 2016

Independence Day Memorable Patriotic Songs, Poems Speech 2016

Independence Day Memorable Patriotic Songs 2016

Hi guys India is going to celebrate their 70th Independence on this 15th Of August. Their is a deep history of 200 years in having Independence. We all knoe that first East India Company had come to trade and for this they had established outposts on the Indian subcontinent by the 17th century they are meant to come for only on trade purpose. But they learnt that people living here can be easily taken under confidence and through overwhelming military strength, the British East India company occupied local kingdoms and became a very dominant force of the 18th century and this gave rise to the conflict between Indians and Britishers when the first fight for the independence was started from 1857 when the soldier of East India Army “Mangal Pandey” was hanged to death when he refused to use the armoury which were made by fat of Beef and Pork which was used as the grease in the rifles and this is how the fire for teh freedom was ignited in the hearts of the people of the country become a rage and this lead to the 100 years of struggles to get the freedom.

Independence Day Poems Speech 2016

This is a very special day of the year on this day people want to wishes their family friend a very happy independence day. As now the time is changing and the people are wishing their relatives and friends through the social media and some of them likes to listen the patriotic songs of the movies and the regional songs although they can listen on the other electronic devices to but we are providing you the complete set of beautiful patriotic song so you can now download it from here. If you are the one searching for the above mentioned post of beautiful Songs Poems Speech and many other stuff on the Independence Day then you are at right place. Check the article below for the documents.

Independence Day PAtriotic Songs 2016 complete List

Check all the songs and Other various stuff which are very important for you to wish someone on this particular day in the article given below.

  1.  Maa Tujhe Salam -(A R Rahman)
  2. Us Mulk Ki Sarhad Ko (Aankhein) -(Various)
  3. Vande Maataram (Anad Math) -(Various)
  4. Desh Ko Yaaro (Ansh) -(Various)
  5. Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo -(Various)
  6. Sare Jahan Se Achha (Bhai Bahan) -(Various)
  7. Vande Maataram (Bharat Bhagya Vidhata) -(Various)
  8. Sandese Aate Hain (Border) -(Various)
  9. Mera Mulk Mera Desh (Diljale) -(Various)
  10. Ab Tumhare Hawale (Haqeeqat) -(Various)

Steps To Download The Independence day song 2016

  1. Check the songs by the name.
  2. Select the song and click in it.
  3. You will get the option of listening it online.
  4. Listen the song carefully.
  5. If you get the song so donload it on your PC or Other electronic devices.

Hope that you like the article provided here if you are looking for some more great stuff than you are at right place here we are getting you all the stuff related to the Independence Day to get that stay tuned with us. If you are looking for more and more update on the topic of the Independence day and the latest recruitment in the country p;lease check the articles provided here.

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