Independence Day Wishes SMS Quotes in Tamil Telgu and Other Languages 2016

Independence Day Wishes SMS Quotes in Tamil Telgu and Other Languages 2016

Independence Day Wishes SMS Quotes in Tamil Telgu and Other Languages 2016

Hi guys as you all know that in this event of Independence Day when the people of all religion living in India had come together for celebrating the event of Independence. India need to do a many struggle and a great movement was started during the time between 1857 and 1947 like Purna Swaraj, Civil Disobedience Movement and Quit India Movement and many other so that India could achieve freedom and during this time India has seen many  up and down and many great political leader had make their rise and given there life and their ideas to get the freedom. It was in the year 1929 when Indian National Congress during a meeting in Lahore given the “Declaration of the Independence of India” or “Poorna Swaraj” was spread and 26 January was the day they declared as Independence Day. The Congress spread a notice for the people to take a pledge for the civil disobedience until India attained complete independence this force the British government to consider granting independence and after the 100 years of struggle and after the largely nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience movement led by the Indian National Congress (INC) India finally got independence. The Congress declared 26 January as the Independence Day between 1930 and 1946. When the India was given freedom Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first elected prime minister of India and the Viceroy Lord Mountbatten became the first Governal General of the country.

Independence Quotes, Shayaries and Messages 2016

We are here providing you the various famous Independence Day wishes SMS Quotes and many other stuff which yiu can use to wish the others about this day. We know that now in this event you must be willing to wish the other and for that you must be needing the good stuff which is new and atrractive. Search the article below for the stuff.

Independence Day Messages 2016

Check the messages given below and see the steps of how to use them

  1. Halki si dhoop barsat ke baad
    thori si khushi her baat ke baad
    isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko
    jashan e azadi 1 din k baad
    wish you a very happy independence day
  2. 31 states
    1618 Languages
    6400 caste
    29 major festivals
    6 religion
    6 ethnic groups
    and 1 country
    be proud to be an Indian
    happy Independence day
  3. Jhanda lehrana hai
    vande mataram ke geet gana hai
    sunakr desh ko lalkarna hai
    aao milkar ab swapn dekha jo sakar karna hai
    wish u a happy independence dya
  4. Freedom has its life in the hearts,
    the actions, the spirit of men
    and so it must be daily earned and refreshed
    else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots,
    it will wither and die.HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY
  5. This nation will remain
    the land of the free only so long
    as it is the home of the brave.
  6. Nation searching for land . . .
    A Nation Was Searching For A Piece Of Land. .
    A Piece Of Land Searching For A Nation. . .
    Can Any One Help..??
    ((*-._ Happy Independence Day _.-*))
  7. Freedm in D Mind,
    Faith in D words..
    Pride in our Souls..
    Lts salut D Nation ..our Inependence Day!
    Vande Mataram.
  8. Lts tk decision,
    2 valu our nation,
    Shall nt forgt those sacrifices
    Who gv us D freedm..
    Nw its our turn
    2 hv a
    Happy Independence Day…
  9. Tk a stnd aginst evil, coruption & terrorism
    4 v belong 2 India, a nation of pride
    & v will thus say-“HINDU, MUSLIM, SIKH, ISAI,HM SAB
    god bless
    hai ram
    jai hind!!!

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