Private Jobs after 12th in 2016-2017 at Good Salary Packages

Best 12th Pass Private Jobs 2016 At Good Salary Packages

There is high level of desperate move in today generation, and that desperate move is many students without further studies wants to go for jobs.

Some of the jobs provided are:

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is one of the highest paid jobs that candidates can get without the graduation degree. Candidates have to live in a Ship for 6 months a year which is a hard thing to do. Candidates will get paid in Dollars that means you can earn a way more than any of your pals.


BPO is abbreviated as Business Process Outsourcing and it is one of the ambitious jobs in India. There are thousands of jobs for freshers in this sector. The credit for such an enormous success should be given to the employees who work on this sector day and night.

Data Entry Operator

Every company has vacant post for this job. Candidates should have the basic knowledge of software’s like spreadsheets and Word processing. The main is that the candidates should be hard working with a good typing skills. If candidates does not have any knowledge of the software’s mentioned above then also they will get the job easily.

Primary School Teacher

This job is best if you want to go in the field of teaching, especially girls. In this field you will be able to get a lot of experience which is good for your future. The best thing with tis job is thst you can pursue your studies with this job.

Freelance Writer Or Blogger

This a best job for those who want to do something by just sitting at the home an it is a full of comfort. Candidates can make money by expressing their thoughts and people will admire  you for your writing and you will be respected where ever you will go. But is is not as simple as it looks, it needs a lot of time with along with superb thought process and passion.

Media Equipment Monitoring

In this the individual  has to monitor the audio equipment, visual equipment and digital equipment live.It is not an easy job and everyone cannot carry out this easily. Even a slightest mistake can cause a huge damage.

Candidates without degree can make their career in broadcasting agencies, telecasting and Media houses.

Gym Trainer

As we all know there are many health conscious people growing in our society and they can do any sort of thing to stay fit.So it is best to become a gym trainer , you just need to have a good physique and teach people what you do daily. Individual can work as assistant and after that can open your own gym.

Police Department

After class 12th candidate can apply for a Police job. Individual can search about this in newspaper and internet. Every year Police department releases jobs opportunities for different posts on temporary basis.


Every private need a person who can promote their product efficiently. We can say ever product needs an advertisement, so here is your chance to grab this job if you have good appealing and grasping power.

Event Manager

This job is more fluent as you have to plan different functions like parties, marriages etc. It is not easy for 12th pass student to handle these things so firstly you can work under some professional, here you will get the salary. After this leave the job and you can start your own work as an event manager.


If you think you have any photography skill you can star it as you career. You have to buy a good quality camera and star converting your hobby into profession. At first you can work under some experienced professional, wher you will learn and paid at the same time.

Final Words

It is not like that you come up with under some pressure, you can do what you like to become in life and it will helpful for yourself as it is your choice of profession. Don’t think too much, its time to prove yourself. This is the only time when you can learn from your mistakes. Don’t think about the failure, there are many stories which comes from the failure to success. So prepared for what you want to do.


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