Indian Army Officer’s Pay Scale & Allowances 2018

The Indian Army has a better life for you if you dare to join the Indian Army. After the 6th pay commission, the pay scale of an Indian army officer has increased. Not only pay scale, there are multiple allowances for Indian army officers. As a matter of fact, the CTC for a Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 65000/- per month.

There are so many terms which will come across you before you try to know about the salary structure. These terms are grade pay, gross salary, basic pay etc. Below I have written the hierarchy of rank in the Indian Army. If you are selected as a Soldier GD, then you will get to the training. After training, you will promoted to the next level like.

The Ranking system in Indian army be like: Sepoy/rifleman, Lance Naik, Naik, Havildar, Naib Subedar, Subedar and Subedar Major (SM).

If you are an undergraduate & a non science stream students in class twelfth, then you can join Indian Army as Soldier GD, then you can become Major Subedar which is the highest for a Soldier GD. During the retirement age, you will be promoted to Honorary captain. If you will become Major Subedar via Soldier GD.

In the another case of being a Graduate, you can prepare for NDA or CDS. You will be sent for a training & then you will be posted as a Lieutenant in some Army Unit.

From Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant, colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major general and Lieutenant general.

The other two High Level post of Army are there. But here are going to pause this & will talk about the terms we know about.

Indian Army Ranks and Salary 2018

The salary structure is not a complex thing to understand that most people thought. This can be easily done.

Gross Salary :- The amount that you will get as salary per month is gross salary.
Gross Salary = Grade Pay + Basic Pay + Monthly Allowances.

The salary of a Government Employee (more specifically Central Government) is comprised of various parts i.e. basic pay, grade pay, dearness allowance, house rent allowance and other miscellaneous allowances.

Grade Pay :- It is an amount which is paid by Government to the Indian Army employee which depends on category, pay band & class of Employee.

The Grade pay is calculated on the Position & class of an employ & 7th Pay Commission.
Basic Pay :- It is the sum of Grade Pay & Pay Band. Basic Pay = Grade Pay + Pay Band.

Indian Army Salaries 2018: Army Soldier Salary Slip Rank Wise

PostPay ScaleGrade PayArmy Service PayTotal Cash (Salary)
Lance Naik5200-202002000200030,000
Naib Subedar9300-348004200200045,000
Subedar Major9300-348004800200065000
Lieutenant Colonel37400-67000800060001,12,000
Major General37400-6700010,0001,50,000
Lieutenant General37400-670001,58,000


What is Basic Pay And Grade Pay ? What are the basic differences ?
The difference of Basic Pay & Grade Pay is very simple. Read the next points

Grade Pay is same until you get the next promotion. While Basic Pay changes every year. Grade Pay changes with respect of ability & position. Pay Scale is the measure scale of Pay. Grade is a new term added after 6th Pay commission. Basic Pay is the Minimum remuneration which changes during time.

Monthly Extra Allowances
The extra allowances that a Government Employee get as compensation for the various expenditure i.e. Transportation charges, House rental Allowances (HRA) . These are some of the extra allowance.

Not only, you will get facilities like Housing & Food Allowances, Army employee gets extra allowances like Kit Maintenance which is fixed as 400 Rupees per month. The TA is between 1600 to 3200.

A soldier also get some other allowances not just like Housing & Food but these are Kit Allowances. Kit Maintenance is given to the soldier per month i.e. Rs. 400. The Transport Allowance is given from 1600 to 3200 per month.

Field Area Allowance :- It is calculated from 25% of Basic Pay
Counterinsurgency :- Rs 6300
High Altitude :- Rs. 5600
Siachen :- Rs 14000
Flying Pay :- Rs 9000
Parachute Pay :- Rs 1200
Special Forces:- Rs 9000 per month
There are some other miscellaneous charges that are not written here. We have provided enough data to you that can calculate the salary of a Soldier.

Now let’s take a look on Army Rank wise salary structure.

Indian army Salary Structure Rank Wise 2018

The salary of Indian Army Rank hierarchy is written as. The in-hand per month salary is the amount which is addition of some factors & some deductions too.

Period of Training & Stipend for Cadet

Indian Army sends the new recruits to the training before they join Army with any rank. The training cadets gets a stipend which quite less than the salary. The training stipend goes around 15K to 20K. The stipend is proportionally equal to the Pay band of the rank on which the Cadet will join after.

JCO or Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) Pay Scale

The ranks that falls under the category of JCO / OR are written below with their Grade Pay & Pay Band.

Sepoy (Sipahi) or Rifleman (Pay Band 1)

Pay Band (PB) Rs 5200 – 20200
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 1800
X (technical) Group Pay Rs. 1400
Military Service Rs. 2000
Cash In hand Rs. 25000 (approx)
Sepoy is the first rank in Bhartiya Army, but the salary he gets per month is good. In the ground units, a Sipahi is the primary force in the world. There are so many young & energetic people who get the selection in Indian Army. The selection are done by Open Rallies conducted in the various states of India.

A young man who age from 17 to 21 years with good physical standards can join the Army. The selection criteria is physical test & the written exam which needs to be cleared after they get the selection.

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Lance Naik

Pay Band (PB) Rs 5200 – 20200
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 2000
X (technical) Group Pay Rs. 1400
Military Service Rs. 2000
Cash In hand Rs. 30,000 (approx)

Sepoys are promoted to Lance Naik. There is a very less difference for the Sepoy & Lance Naik. The pay band of both are same but the difference of grade pay in Lance Naik and Sepoy is of 200 i.e. Rs. 2200.


Pay Band (PB) Rs 5200 – 20200
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 24,00
X Group Pay Rs. 1400
Military Service Rs. 2000
Cash In hand Rs. 35,000 (approx)


Pay Band (PB) Rs 5200 – 20200
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 28,00
X Group Pay Rs. 1400
Military Service Rs. 2000
Cash In hand Rs. 40,000 (approx)

Havildar has the best grade pay in the Pay band 1. The people who consider the Post of havildar of Army better tan the Past of Indian Police havildar. All the ranks in Indian Army who name same are higher as compared to any Amred force like Police etc.

Naib Subedar (NS)

Pay Band (PB) Rs. 9300-34800
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 42,00
Military Service Rs. 2000
X Group Pay Rs. 1400
Cash In hand Rs. 45,000 (approx)

After getting this, post the salary increase is quite presentable. The Posts gets the second pay. The Basic Pay increases up to sixty percent. There is nothing common in this rank with the Indian Police.


Pay Band (PB) Rs. 9300-34800
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 46,00
Military Service Rs. 2000
X Group Pay Rs. 1400
Cash In hand Rs. 50,000 (approx)

Subedar is the most respectable rank post after SM. This post is gained after lot of experience. The basic pay of Subedar is 4600 (i.e. 200 more than the Naib Subedar).

Subedar Major (SM)

Pay Band (PB) Rs. 9300-34800
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 48,00
Military Service Rs. 2000
X Group Pay Rs. 1400
Cash In hand Rs. 65,000 (approx)

A GD can reach up to Subedar Major in his whole career. This is the highest post a Soldier can get (Not in case of using a written exam). The second pay band officer gets the highest Pay band in this i.e. Rs. 4800.

The salary details of JCO / OR is complete now. Let us check the salary structure of Army Officers now.

Pay Scale of Army Officers – Salary Structure Rank Wise
An Army Officer is the most Respected job in Indian Army. The salary of Indian Army are very attractive. The new joined officer get the salary on the basis of Pay band 3. The salary structure of Indian Army Officer is described below.

Let us start with the hierarchy of rank mentioned by us in the above section.

Period of NDA Training Salary: The training in NDA allows no money to the cadets. After the cadet enters in the academy , a nominal amount of money is taken from the cadets which is used for the different purpose.

These expenses are described as below.

5 months allowance for the Officer Rs. 2000.00
Expenses on the Cloths and the Equipment
Rs. 3200.00

Expenses on various Miscellaneous during 1st Semester = Rs. 425.00

Total = Rs. 5625.00

Other than all these expenses, some amount of money is refundable only if the financial aid is sanctioned to the cadet.

Expenses for 5 months of Pocket Allowance at Rs.400.00 p.m.
Rs. 2000

Expenses on Cloths and Equipmenets (Approx): Rs. 475

After all this, cadet is send to the commissioning academy which includes Indian Military Academy, Air Force & Navy. There he gets 21,000 per month. Now he is authorised to get the salary of a Lieutenant or Flying Officer or Sub Lieutenant. After a cadet is commissioned, the balance is paid to the cadet as the stipend. During the NDA days, a cadet does not get salary.


Pay Band (PB) Rs. 15600-39100
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 54,00
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay Rs. 1400
Cash In hand Rs. 65,000 (approx)

The rank which a candidate gets after he is recruited as a fresh officer. A candidate who is serving as a Soldier GD or JCO, OR can register offline for the post of Officer. The prior qualification of the applicant should be 12th pass or Graduation.


Pay Band (PB) Rs. 15600-39100
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 61,00
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay N.A
Cash In hand Rs. 75,000 (approx)

The Indian Army eligibility to become the captain in Indian Army is to serve as Lieutenant in the Indian Army for at least two years. The Grade Pay of captain is more than a lieutenant i.e 6100.


Pay Band (PB) Rs. 15600-39100
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 66,00
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay N.A
Cash In hand Rs. 1,00,000 (approx.)

The person who serves for 6 years in Indian Army as Captain becomes eligible for the Post of Major. The grade pay is also increased after you become a Major i.e. 6600.

Lieutenant Colonel

Pay Band (PB) Rs. 37400-67000
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 8,000
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay N.A
Cash In hand Rs. 1,12,000 (approx.)

A Major with service of 13 years is ready to promoted for Lieutenant Colonel. The rank of a Lieutenant Colonel get the 4th Pay Band & the grade pay of Lieutenant Colonel is Rs. 8000.


Pay Band (PB) Rs. 37400-67000
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 8,700
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay N.A
Cash In hand Rs. 1,30,000 (approx.)

There are some aspects which are checked before a Lieutenant Colonel is promoted to Colonel. The grade Pay of Colonel is 700 more than Lieutenant Colonel i.e. 8700.


Pay Band (PB) Rs. 37400-67000
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 8,900
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay N.A
Cash In hand Rs. 1,12,000 (approx.)

The post of brigadier is a very respectful post & it is given after a person has served for the country for a long time. The

Grade Pay of Brigadier is 8900.

Major General

Pay Band (PB) Rs. 37400-67000
Grade Pay (GP) Rs. 10,000
Military Service Rs. 6,000
X Group Pay N.A
Cash In hand Rs. 1,12,000 (approx.)

The Major General is the Most respectful Job in Indian Army. The grade pay of this rank is Rs. 10,000. The Major General does not get the benefits of military services.

Lieutenant General

Pay band- 67000 to 79000
The Lieutenant General receives a Basic Pay of Rs. 67,000 to 79,000. There is no grade pay specified for this rank. Every year 3% increment is given to the Lieutenant General.

The cash in hand Salary is not the exact amount. This may vary on the extra allowances we described above. The rank of Lieutenant General enjoys the increment of 3% every year. There are various monthly allowances like Kit Maintenance allowance, Transport Allowance, Field Area Allowance, Counter Insurgency, Special Forces, etc.

Chart for Indian Army Salary Rank Wise As per the 7th Pay Commission
The tabular representation is given here for more better explanation.

Indian Army Salaries 2018-2019 Per Month for All Posts:

Rank wise Indian Army Post

PostPay ScaleGrade PayM.S.P.Cash In Hand (approx)
Sepoy5200 – 202001800200025,000
Lance Naik5200 – 202002000200030,000
Naik5200 – 202002400200035,000
Havaldar5200 – 202002800200040,000
Naib Subedar9300 – 348004200200045,000
Subedar9300 – 348004600200050,000
Subedar Major9300 – 348004800200065,000
Lieutenant15600 – 391005400600068,000
Captain15600 – 391006100600075,000
Major15600 – 39100660060001,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel37400 – 67000800060001,12,000
Colonel37400 – 67000870060001,30,000
Brigadier37400 – 67000890060001,35,000
Major General37400 – 6700010,00060001,42,000
Lieutenant General67000 – 7900012,00072001,60,000


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