NIOS Syllabus for 10th Mathematics – NIOS Syllabus for 10th English

The exam of NIOS class 10th students will be conducted in November. Those students who are trying to get the syllabus for the various subjects they chooses for the exam. The official website of NIOS has uploaded all the official information about the syllabus. You can download the syllabus of NIOS from here or the official website.

The knowledge of syllabus is essential for all candidates. If you are studying for any exam then the knowledge of syllabus will tell you what type of subjects you need to study for the exam. All the topics that need to cover in the exam are specified in the official details syllabus for NIOS exam. If you want to download the official syllabus that is provided by NIOS then you can download it from here

Download NIOS Syllabus for 10th English

NIOS is the biggest open schooling organisation for Indian Students. Students who tries to get the 10th & 12th certificate without attending regular classes , they register themselves in NIOS for the exams. NIOS provides all the syllabus & other study material that are useful for the students. After the registration process is complete students study for the subjects from the outsources & prepare themselves for the practical & written exam.

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NIOS 10th Maths Syllabus

After the students prepare for the exam. The date for the exams are specified & updated in the official website of NIOS. After a short time , the admit card for the exams are send to the students to aware them about the exam.

So if you are one of those student who applied for the NIOS 10th exams 2017, then you need to check the syllabus for the preparation. The are more than 20 subjects that are offered by NIOS. There may be five to six subjects that are selected by an individual. We will provide the syllabus details for all the subjects. After you will find the name of your subject you can download the details in order to keep them safe for you. if you are trying to get the details of any subject which you could no find anywhere else then we will provide you all of them. As we have taken all the details form the official website of NIOS so there will no error in the syllabus.

After the syllabus will be know to you , you can start your preparation. The topics in the syllabus is specified properly for all the subjects.

NIOS Syllabus for 10th Mathematics

NIOS 10th English Syllabus

Course Structure of English

 Name of the Module Marks
Reading 38
Writing 31
Elements of Language 31

Total: 150 + 50 + 40 = 240 hrs
Book 1

  1. Snake Bite
  2. How the Squirrel Got Its Stripes
  3.  Kondiba-A Hero
  4. Tall Trees
  5. A Tiger Comes to Town)
  6. A Tiger Comes to Town-II
  7. The Shoeshine
  8. A Birthday Letter
  9. Nine Gold Medals
  10. Noise: How It Affects Our Live
  11. My Elder Brother
  12. Indian Weavers
  13. The Last Stone Mason
  14. Stealing and Atonement

Book 2

  • My Vision for India
  • My Only Cry
  • Caring for Others
  • The Little Girl
  • A Prayer for Healing
  • New Good Things from Rubbish
  • The Village Pharmacy
  • The Truth
  • The Return of the Lion (One Act Play)
  • Co-operate and Prosper
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Ustad Bismillah Khan
  • The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk

NIOS 10th Maths Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks Topics
Algebra26Number Systems, Exponents and Radicals, Chapter 3. Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials,  Chapter 4. Special Products and Factorization, Chapter 5. Linear Equations, Chapter 6. Quadratic Equations, Chapter 7. Arithmetic Progressions
Commercial Mathematics15Chapter 8. Percentage and its Applications, Chapter 9. Instalment Buying
Geometry25Chapter 10. Lines and Angles, Chapter 11. Congruence of Triangles, Chapter 12. Concurrent Lines, Chapter 13. Quadrilaterals, Chapter 14. Similarity of Triangles, Chapter 15. Circles, Chapter 16. Angles in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral
,Chapter 17. Secants, Tangents and their Properties, Chapter 18. Constructions, Chapter 19. Co-ordinate Geometry
Mensuration10Chapter 20. Perimeters and Area of Plane Figures, Chapter 21. Surface Area and Volume of Solid Figures
Trigonometry10Chapter 22. Introduction to Trigonometry, Chapter 23. Trigonometric Ratios of Some Special Angles
Statistics12Chapter 24. Data and Their Representation, Chapter 25. Measures of Central Tendency, Chapter 26. Introduction to Probability

NIOS 10th Science Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks Topics
Measurement04Measurement in Science & Technology
Matter Around Us12Matter – Structure and Behaviour
Energy08Module-3: Motion and Force , Module-4: Energy
Natural Resources and Our Environment13Module-6: Our Environment and Natural Resources 8
Module-7: Man Made Resources and Environmental Problems
The Living World25Module-8: Life Processes 17 Module-9: Health, Hygiene and Diseases 4 Module-10: Agricultural Practices
Technological Developments6Technology and Communication
Practical15The Universe and our Earth

NIOS 10th Social Science Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks
Evolution of Human Society17
Environment, Resources and Development15
People, Society and Culture12
India’s Struggle for Freedom15
Citizen, State and the Constitution14
Democracy at Work15
Contemporary India : Issues and Challenges13

NIOS 10th Economics Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks
Evolution and Characteristics of Wants7
Human Wants and Production8
Increasing Production of Goods and Services7
Distribution of Goods and Services7
Buying of Goods and Services7
Selling of Goods and Services8
Savings: Banks, Post Offices and Insurance8
World Economy19
Environment and Sustainable Development10

NIOS 10th Business Studies Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks
Business Environment12
Structure of Business14
Service Sector and Business16
Organisation Banking and Insurance14
Selling and Distribution16
Consumer Awareness16
Career Opportunities in Business12

NIOS 10th Home Science Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks
HOME SCIENCE IN EVERYDAY LIFEWhat is Home Science , Unit 2 The Food That We Eat , Unit 3 Fibres and Fabrics , Unit 4 Home Maintenance , Unit 5 Health and Environment
MY FAMILY AND IMy family, Family Resources

NIOS 10th Indian Culture Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks
Culture : Definition and Characteristics10
Indian Culture through the Ages14
Languages and Literature10
Indian Philosophical Thought14
Fine Arts10
Science and Technology12
Social Structure12
Spread of Indian Culture Abroad12

NIOS 10th Psychology Syllabus

Name of the ModuleMarks
Module 1 Psychology and you15
Module 2 your Psychological Makeup15
Module 3 Human Development Across Life Span10
Module 4 Society and You10
Module 5 Your Well Being10
Module 6 Entry no Works life and Environmental Concerns10
Module 7 Yoga: A way of Life10

NIOS Course Module 2017 Subject Wise

You can read the details from here before you check out.

  • Name of the Organisation:  National Institute of Open Schooling
  • Name of the Exam :  10th Open Exams
  • Category: Subject Wise Course Syllabus
  • Exam Location: Anywhere in India
  • Official Site :

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