Survey says “Indians are most hardworking workforce in the world”!!

Are you happy with your current five-days work week schedule and don’t wish to have anymore permanent off days?

If yes, then you are one of the 69 per cent Indians who expressed satisfaction in working five days a week in a recent study conducted by Kronos Incoporated, an international Human Resource Management company.

The survey says that Indians are the most hardworking people around the world, followed by Mexico (43 per cent), followed by the US (27 per cent). Whereas, the UK (16 per cent), France (17 per cent) and Australia (19 per cent) are considered least satisfied with a 5-day working week.

If pay remained constant, one-third of global workers felt their ideal workweek would last four days (34 per cent), while 20 per cent said they would work three days a week, the survey said. While one in four global employees (28 per cent) are content with the standard five-day workweek, it added.
On the other hand, India leads the chart with only 31 per cent full-time employees expressing dissatisfaction on a five-day workweek.

The survey was conducted among 2,772 full and part-time employees living in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the UK and the US. The study was conducted by Future Workplace on behalf of Kronos Incorporated between July 31, 2018-August 9, 2018.

Another interesting outcome of the survey revealed that one-third of employees (35 per cent) would not mind taking a 20 per cent pay-cut to get another off in the week. This number too differs country to country. In India (42 per cent), Mexico (50 per cent), France (42 per cent) more number of people are in interested in such an arrangement when compared to Canada (29 per cent) and US (24 per cent).


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